The most important single component in any swimming pool project is the actual pool shell itself. It contains the water you swim in and it becomes the centerpiece that you then build all of your landscaping, paving, patios, and lifestyle around.
Leisure Pools has never been satisfied with just building a good swimming pool. Our aim has always been to build the best composite pool. Leisure Pools continued investment in research and development has resulted in what we consider to be the world’s best composite swimming pool.
We are so certain that we build the world’s best composite pool that we offer a Lifetime Structural Warranty and Lifetime Structural Osmosis Warranty on all of our Swimming Pools. We call these two warranties our Leisure Pools Warranty.


Leisure Pools has strategically integrated the Composite Armour™ Core of Strength in critical locations on the swimming pool to provide improved flexural and tensile strength to provide a stronger swimming pool.

Testing shows that a Leisure Pools Composite Armour™ Full Vinyl Ester Resin Swimming Pool is 111% stronger than a standard fiberglass swimming pool.


Leisure Pools offers with each composite fiberglass swimming pool a Lifetime Structural Warranty. To best explain what this is, we have answered some of the most common questions below:

So what is the Warranty? It means that Leisure Pools, subject to its standard installation and operating conditions, will warrant that each Leisure Pools composite swimming pool shell will hold water by maintaining structural integrity. Leisure Pools conditions of the Warranty are available from each Leisure Pools dealer.

So what is a Lifetime Warranty? It means that Leisure Pools, subject to its standard installation and operating conditions, will warrant the structural integrity of the swimming pool to hold water for the lifetime of the purchaser of the swimming pool whilst he and/or she own and operate the swimming pool.

Can I transfer a Lifetime Warranty? Yes. Leisure Pools will allow for the transfer of a Lifetime Warranty, within 5 years of the original purchase date, on the condition that Leisure Pools is notified in writing of the request to transfer the Warranty and Leisure Pools have provided in writing the standard installation and operating conditions to the new owner. The new owner must send back an acknowledgement in writing of receipt of Leisure Pools Warranty. We do this so that the new owner knows how to own and operate the swimming pool.

How can Leisure Pools offer a Lifetime Structural Warranty? It comes down to 4 key factors, being:

  • Patented Composite Armour™ Core of Strength
  • Patent Pending Full Vinyl Ester Resin Construction
  • Composite Armour™ Step Technology™
  • Exceptional Quality Control